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I hate to work, don't want your job.
Not gonna play your fool,
be a corporate cog.
Don't want no promotion, Ms.
not gonna learn the biz.
What don't you understand,
ties leave marks around my neck,
to beat the band.
I might as well admit it
my life's alot cooler
without your job in it.
Ladies and me,
let me say it again,
I hate to work.
You got somethin important
on your mind,
no matter how terrific,
only fault
they gonna find
,at that
they are prolific.
You can't smoke a cigarette at work,
can't hum no happy tunes,
folk breathin all the way down your neck,
day never end too soon.
Learnin how to make my money,
without punchin a clock,
wearin a geeky haircut
'n' actin funny.
Man, I hate to work.
Computer down,
computer back up
race car smokes up and back 
with the red flag
coffee colder in your cup  Jack
what a drag.
Six ah one a dozen of the others.
Don't need more bossy ladies
tellin me what to do
I already got too many mothers.
I hate to work.
I won't be fillin out your applications,
Won't see me leafin through no classifieds.
you can skip the blood pressure medications,
To get a job,
everything about me'd have to be
one bold faced lie.
that's why,
I hate to work.
Don't want no job.
not gonna play your fool
be a corporate blob.
I don't want your promotion Ms.
not gonna learn the biz,
what don't you understand
ties leave marks around my neck to 
beat the band.
Rather be sitting by my swimming pool
sippin on somethin' sweet 
just me and you.
Because, I hate to work.

I'm not gonna cut my hair,
I'm strictly wash and wear.
here comes another long busman's holiday.
I won't be workin tract lands,
or plowin your fields
I'm not shakin your hand
nor cutting done deals
and those are more good reason why
I hate to work

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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I Hate To Work