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Read My Eyes

Do you find yourself seeking
The depths of my devotion
Is it shallow as a stream?
Or is it vast as the ocean?

Would you see it quite clear..
Like the blues of Mothers' sky
For the answer you seek..
I implore you,
Read my eyes

If it is my loves' true intention
That your finding held in question
Is it as pure as mornings' first dew?
Or as cold as mankinds' invention?

Would you feel it so soft
Tender as a winged doves cry?
For the answer you seek...
I implore you,
Read my eyes

Could you wonder of my passion?
The wanton woman in me, reckless abandon?
Shall this fire burn, an inferno for you?
Or upon the wind, does it flicker at random?

Can you withstand the intensity
For it is a flame that never dies
For the answer you seek...
I implore you,
Read my eyes

Perhaps it is my very heart
That you are looking now to see
That most precious of all my treasure
That gift that brings life in me...

Its' beat sings for one alone
Its' keeper it never denies
Who is the one, you query now
Look but once more
I implore you,
And see your eyes


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Read My Eyes