Tattoos in Mayberry

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Free stylin shoes make
feet obsolete. Neighbor ladies
babies got nothin to eat.
cops on the street,
on their regular beat
turns up the heat.
You'll be looking through a cage,
if you snatch that treat.

It's everywhere
,it's everywhere
take a look around you
it's everywhere.
is an institution
the verdict is in favor of the prosecution
no stay of execution
it's everywhere
it's everywhere.
Take a look around you,
it's everywhere.
Moms begging with her children
works their regular beat.
One eye stays open
She gets no sleep 
her pennance to keep.
. Wrapped in torn blankets
on down 'n' out street
Tonights forecast
"Nobody cares"
Take a look around you
It's everywhere
Super Grouper
Model sells this season's hair
Their tickets get punched by plastic millionaires
It's everywhere
It's everywhere
take a good look around you
it's everywhere.
Unsettled peace on
the far horizon
blood Moon's risin.
bone deep
in for the kill
 feel the chill
Hit the ground
can you smell that sound
Shylock's stopping over 
to claim his fleshy pound
Mcfancy jobs are posted up
and waitin for me and you
They'll work our salt silly
till our lips turns blue
Scat master orders us
down on our knees
What's his ain't ours
still we're beggin please
Makes me shout to The Devil
one aberrant prayer
Take a look around you
it's everywhere
Buddy Bee Anthony

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It`s Everywhere