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Who's With Me

When the time comes that I can't do
Those extra little things that you want me to
When I don't have the extra money to give
Because I'm making just enough to live
When I make a mistake or the wrong decision
When I say I messed up, will you still want to listen
When we don't agree and the final choice is mine
And even though you can't have your way all the time
When you ask for this, but I think it better to get that
Only because I love you, will you still love me back
When it's all said and done but you still can't see
That it's all for your good, are you still with me
Not for what I give, not for where I let you go
Not for saying yes when I wanted to say no
Not when it's convenient or you're in the mood that day
And not to try and play me so that you can get your way
But because of who I am
Yor husband, father, bother, uncle, cousin, or friend just trying to be a man
For all that I am and trying to be
My stength comes from kniwing who's with me

(c) J. Moore

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Who`s With Me