Killed for Peace

                                      Killed for Peace           January 1987

Thirteen people died that night, on a Derry street beneath a flag of white
For civil rights those people marched, they hoped and prayed for an end in sight
A foreign army on Irish soil, a deadly deed by a foreign crown
The hopes and dreams on that awful night, did change from hope to a one sided fight
To be shot in the back, to see your child die, on a civil rights march, we still ask why?
To carry the flag of peace, to hold hands with a future in sight
To the people who deny us our right, we'll still carry the flag and we'll fight
From that civil rights march, God Bless them that's gone, the resistance to Britain did grow
Let's remember them all, the old and the small, those people who paid with their lives
We must continue the fight, with trouble in sight, to struggle with ongoing strife.

                                                   Gerrard McGeachy

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