The rocket Man

                                       The Rocket Man        February 9th, 1991

Downing Street, let's talk about it, let know man ever doubt
When those three freedom missiles came through the door, you know the rocket man's about
First dropped one, then another, then dropped number three
Just a republican way of telling John Major that Ireland will be free
A major problem for major John in his new home at number ten
He was trying to have a tea party without the rocket men
One or two asked Major while sipping on his tea
The IRA did hear him and kindly gave him three
The Major called the iron lady and asked her what to do
She was in hiding with Salmon Rushdie, she said the problems up to you
I tried to defeat the Irish people with internment and the SAS
Now I'm paying for my sins, my life's in a hell of a mess
To tell you the truth, and I don't often do, the IRA have won
They've beat us at our own game, they're heroes everyone
Give the Irish people their human rights, the political prisoners must go free
Take my advice, we've been so wrong, if you don't just wait and see
The rocket man will come again, next time with more than three

                              Gerrard McGeachy

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