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  Jarasel Bladesong

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 The North Star

Pin prick of light amidst the dark;
You flicker and dance, a distant spark.
So vast the distance, so cold the void,
Yet your light reaches out, and my soul is buoyed.

Hanging there in celestial splendor,
What thoughts you inspire, and wonders engender.
Only the faintest glimpse of your glory we see,
To inspire lovers, and poets like me.

Floating ever onward through formless space,
A vision of beauty, wonder, and grace.
Serene and aloof, what wonders you have known,
As you danced through space, and your light shone.

Countless ages away, your light shines forth,
While men point at you, proclaiming "There is North!"
Lighting our path and directing our way,
Without needing to point, or a word say.

You are my North Star; you are my guiding light.
You give direction, you show the path that's right.
My mind may grow dazed and confused;
My body be aching and bruised.

Somehow my problems all fade away,
The darkness is clearer than day.
So if ever my vision grows dim,
If ever questions arise from within;

I simply raise my sight to center upon you,
And all doubts and worries fade from my view.

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