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If Only Fairy Tales

If fairy tales came true,
I'd be with you.

In a secret garden - you'd pick a flower for me.
A place of live dreams and true fantasies.

You would kiss my lips,
They would be sweet to me.
Rose petals would fall,
From the great galaxy.

The royal wind would breeze gracefully,
Mid-night dragonflies would pass majestically.

Every tone you uttered would be sincere,
The beating of your heart - would be the music I'd hear.

Darkness would be - ordered to go,
Your words of love - they'd be unpredictable.

Your arms would wrap around me tight,
I'd love you - all of my life.

But these things are only a myth,
An untrue and dead sweetness.
I guess it's impossible to be with you,
But oh, if only fairy tales came true.

~DaYnA e. 2/10/03

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If Only Fairy Tales