Beautiful Disaster


One pair of eyes able to see all the hurt
And cry for those that can't
One pair of ears able to hear those who call out
Alert and ready to listen
One mind to understand what's going on
That decided to take a stand
One soul needed to take action
To make a difference where it can
On voice that is not silenced
And speaks the truth of injustice
On pair of hands ready to serve
And reach out to those who are weary
One pair of feet growing restless
Refusing to stand idly by
One person needed to make a change
To encourage others to do the same
One good deed which leads to another
To fuel a new revolution
One idea that can spread through a nation
And then begin to spread around the world
One love for another that strives to protect
And finds away to help
One heart that cared enough
To give all it had.

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