upon my worlds demise...

Upon my worlds demise
I might see your face again
But not as warm as i once knew
But more white and pale and dead

I might remember the love we shared
the love i would feel for life
I might remember your smell
the one i knew it was you

Upon my worlds demise
Don't let me fall into the abyss
I dont think im ready yet
Ready to forget you my love

Dont let me fall into this darkness
Let you be my light
Dont let me be alone
Dont let me be forgotten

Upon my worlds demise
I will become your angel
do not be upset my love
for i will always be with you

There shall be no tears
No weep or cry
but lying smiles and gritted teeth
and the same feelings of pain

Upon my worlds demise
the illusion shall break free
and you shall feel what ive felt for so long
and i am sorry...

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upon my worlds demise...

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