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 Ode to the Crew of the Columbia

Rocketing into the vastness of outer space,
breaking the bonds of  mother
earth's beautiful face.

Aloft their star-ship zoomed at speeds
beyond the wildest imagination of man.
They circled the earth for sixteen day
and nights before they attempted to
touch down in their homeland.

In the breath of a second,
as a bright shinning blur,
the unthinkable did occur,
tragedy in the early morning sky.

Trailing across the silver dawn like a
chariot of fire in God's blue heaven.
To be eternally  remembered…
Astronauts all seven.  

In shock, pain and tears the world
mourns their untimely demise.
Answer to all the questions why,
will never dry one single eye.

Heroes  one an all…
For when the world gazes into the heavens,
they will see the star ship Columbia
in the sky…
sailing, sailing  into God's open hands on high.

Jackie R. Kays

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