Beautiful Disaster

Watch Her Grow

Baby girl
You're momma's dream come true
Baby girl
You're daddy's sweet pea too
She was such a happy baby
With such beautiful blue eyes
The life that she would live
Would be such a surprise
She was smart
And she was curious
Always made her furious

Little girl
On the top of the stairs
Little girl
Looking so scared
Her dad's angry voice
So loud and booming
As her older brother cried wildly
And her mother was fuming
She held onto her baby brother
And tries to calm his fears
But it takes everything inside her
To fight back a flood of tears

Big girl
Wake up to the realities of life
Big girl
Can't ignore the worries and strife
She hopes for idealism
In a world of realistic views
She expresses great compassion
And believes in fighting for the truth
She's naive in nature
And will trust anyone
And she will passionately finish
Any project that had passionately begun.

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