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I Need Him...

For far too long, I denied
Chained by insecurity, a heart forsaken
Knowing the one I long for
Is no more than a heartbeat away

Could I truly resist his temptations
How long could I dance around the flame?
Desires beg me for release
To claim the love I know is my own

Dare I send my whispers, shaken now
To find the gentle gateway of his heart
Can my soul still yearn so wholly
When my mind is the keeper of the keys?

I know the time must be at hand
For I ache a thousand aches alone
My body reaches within my dreams
To a love birthed so long ago

I shall cling to the wings of destiny
Riding whims into the arms of fate
Resting my heart in celestial hands
Accepting of what will be

One name dances upon the wind
My chosen one, my woodland prince
I journey, as trees bend the path...
I need to travel, to join our souls
I shall meet him there...


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I Need Him...