The flame of Love

                      The Flame of Love               May 25,2008

When you're lonely and you sleep alone with feelings of your own
When you're sad, it's not going well, you're looking to the phone
It doesn't happen, no one calls, now you're feeling sad
When that special person contacts you, you smile and you feel glad
The flame of love ignites your fire now your passion is running high
You're new found love has changed your life, you're reaching for the sky
The lonely nights you've spent alone, with tearless eyes you've cried
 Your feelings trapped inside you, you gave your love and tried
When that special person contacts you, you're feelings are hard to hide
You don't want to release your feelings of love that are trapped so deep inside
Your lonely without love and your beautiful, you need to know loves true
The person that ignites your love has troubles of their own, and feelings just like you
The chemistry of love you can't deny, with a  sparkle in you eye
It's called beginning to love again, you can make it, don't ask why?
You'll feel good to-morrow, you're in love again, it's really easy if you try
Don't let the chance of love slip bye, if you do you'll know why and you'll cry
Let the river of love flow from your heart with your passion, you know you can't say no
Return the feelings to you're special person and let your free love flow
Don't be surprised if you're showered with love, from your very special friend
Don't miss this chance to sail the ocean of love, with that special person, it may never happen again.

                              Gerrard McGeachy

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