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 CharlaXFabels 181

CharlaXFabels 181
The Fabel
Blessings after more the EgYpt bag is full so hard to carry on and off
the bus the sun tran line is changing  fares to read more money
the poor will walk in the summer heat and welter the sweltering hot.
Eye am afforded more than than found and scrounge as this fabulist pens
this fabel. If ewe can remember this place then don't come back
they did not grumble or gripe there must have been five boys all dressed
like army men and then it hit me suddenly eye had the paint ballers
as the answer. As they moved the partee away from me my boot hooked
up an empty beer bottle and eye smiled greatly relieved they left
without a fight. Amerika. Marks of the Beast. The end of the world
come the public execution set in every city in Amerika the executioner
is the computor it sends up an electronic signal which lets the blade fall
on the neck of the hapless Christian victum.  When the Government started
the 666 as the means of public identification the sister did not want it.
WASHINGTON England's enigmatic Stonehenge served as a burial ground from
its earliest beginnings perhaps for ancient kings or chieftains,
researchers reported Thursday. Radiocarbon dating of cremated remains
shows that burials took place as early as 3000 B.C.,
when the first ditches around the monument were being built.
Those burials continued for at least 500 years,
when the giant stones that mark the mysterious circle were being erected.
The Druid was tall but mostly bones on bones the girls
were all very scared of him He was bad Satanic and emblems covered him
in the very first tattoo. The 666 in his forehead was carved with
a very dull blade and looked more like three zeros.
He walked with a limp on his left foot in a strang mimic of
the CharlaX Watcher. What What Who is an Author is it defined as a person
place or thing that sells a book could it not be just a man who writes
his items one by one and lists them for free upon the interneted web
the weave of Babylon. A rue story made up entirely of true statements
is not a lie. Baldfaced cold or white. YOU have an excessive amount
of blackbirds in your yard and we have the blackberries needed
to gather them for the pie bald lie. A fabel is a short story poem
or not prose or not that tells a usual fictional story short or long or not
about a donkey or not an animal animated and usual speaking jumbled words
not fiction but public identification. They dragged the sister
to the guillotine where the executioner took and strapped her hands and then
placed her head in that crack a narrow place where the blade come down
on computer automatic control. Well one thing is different for this
CharlaX fellow they did not tie his hands and he shaved his head
and shoved it into the narrow outlay as iff he wants it to come off.
He must be ready to die. Or crazxy. Let's get closer to the crowd
to see what the masses are saying. There is a reason they left his hands
untied eye heard them say his girlfriend kisses them it makes him cry
and adds the years of life to his fountain of youth. They could not get
the ropes to stay he just burns them off. It looked as iff it was
the human torch. He is just a human man the ropes unloosed and fell off
then the flame came up after they fell off upon the ground
it had nothing much to do with him that android human no. Do not make jokes
so early in the day. He does no feelings only love in his heart
for his Violet flower. A small amount of charity work he does sometimes
he leaves a bottle of water for a poorer person to find it on the bus
stopped there. He looks as peaceful and unconcerned as iff his soul
is at rest. A fabel is a short story poem or not prose or not about
an android or not or a human or not a man or not or just a poem
after all if the poet can rhyme the end or not. Take care.

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