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mayday circa 1970

they stood around the village green
each waving a sixpenny paper flag
and clutched in each little hand
lunch wrapped in a greaseproof bag
the maypole stood there proudly
just waiting for its coming chance
to be the centre of attention ribbon
swathed in the maypole dance

a pair of hippies in the far corner
didn't seem interested any more
draped each around the other
as if to make love not war
the team of morris dancers traditionally
dressed in their simple effective way
prepared to dance the sword dance
high point of their performing day

the vicar and the local dignitary
walked across the grassy square
to officially open the proceedings
for the people gathered there
and there was joy and happiness
moments frozen in my mind
when pleasures were more simple
in a world that seemed more kind

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mayday circa 1970