Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula 

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 Fire Place

We sit engrossingly to hearken the idioms
That sends history fighting for recognition
Where we first heard of the naked truth

Thoughts rising in action
As our ears howl into hearing
In time to quiet rhythms inside
We are carried into a Spectacular Mind

Caves and ladders all there for admiring
A silent music in Our Inner-selves
To shape brilliance and Chronicles

The Back-cloths stretch to embrace of our us
And our makings, Wishing daringly to have trod
On Such concrete, a historical island
And quickly exchange gestures to mark moments

Mindful of the present confines
We peer mutely into the Future using Minds to spout
Beautiful loaded, unwary, clear fed things

And get lured closer by the mysteries
The unfoldings, sharp leers and all smiles

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