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Reflecting Upon Another Year

Reflecting Upon Another Year

Another year has come and past
Reflections of memories upon mirrored glass

A sadness seen within the eyes to behold
Of a year now gone to heartaches told

Many things I have been taught
Within this year . . .

How to live with a sorrow
How to disguise flowing tears

I have learned this world
Can be such a painful road
Where tears must be left to God
Their stories to be told

I have watched as my husband
Has stood by my side
With encouragement and love
His own hurt to hide

I have experienced his love
As in no other year
As he has walked with me
Through this journey of tears

I have been present at the birth
Of two Grandsons
Releasing my love and prayers
As their lives have begun

I have found a way to live
Where loneliness plays
By just talking to God
As I proceed on with my day

My daughter . . . now a Mother
To a healthy new Son
Fears left in prayer
The battle now won

I have watched as she has grown
Through wisdom and tears

I have fought my own demons
And calmed my own fears

I have grown in wisdom
With strength given from above

I have learned to forgive
When it hurts so to love

I have found myself feeling
More broken and older each day
To be raised up by the promise
God whispers as I pray

What is it that lives within
Our poet's hearts
That causes us to reflect
Upon the truths of who we are

As another birthday
To me soon will appear
I have found my time to reflect
For yet one more year

If this coming year
Should be my last
I feel I have learned
From what now is my past

Reflections of what
Has been my yesterday
Is now left in hope
For a brighter today

My Mother and I are a
Very real example of prayers
Being heard and answered

At the time of this writting
We had been estranged
For over two years

The last being the
Worst emotional pain
I have ever experienced

I pray that I never
Have to live again this heartache
That befell us

We live now in such
A beautiful new today

Mom will be Eighty One
June 28, 2008

She has been on Dialysis
For six years now

Even though she is
A true fighter
I can see that the battle
Is beginning to wear her down

Thank you Precious Savior
For every moment
Of this precious time granted

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Have Thine Own Way Lord
Marty Robbins


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