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 Brown paper bagged

Brown paper bagged
Brown paper bagged
Brown paper bagged
Brown paper bagged
Brown paper bagged
Food is longer than my leftovers will be tomorrow they will not let me
join any MSN groups eye guess eye have to go to Heaven all alone.
Eye have a GIANT size football heroe sandwich with meat and peppers from
EGEES it was wrapped and the end was twisted its SIX FEET LONG at least
its THREE eye guess eye had to bend it to get it in the Egypt sack
Three times the turkey trots. Yes ewe eye made it up but it is
no more silly then the pickup lines and other adages the men make up
to get the girl to get the love. Colloquialism.
Old wives tails is how they say this in Baltimore. Hello Colonel.
Still talking turkey eye see eh?
Colloquial style or quality A colloquial expression a colloquial word
or phrase The use of colloquial words and phrases a word, phrase,
or expression characteristic of ordinary or familiar conversation
rather than formal speech or writing,
as "She's out" for "She is not at home."  
Ewe is indeed busy on this Saturday. See the dickey bird.
How small the little chirper is the Mary birds
so pretty in the colors of the plumages.
The Mother is the dull one the man is oh so flashy
like the pimp trying to ply his awares of the women
dull and lifeless there.Pimp daddy. The Journey of 1000 miles
takes but one stepped out girl.
More or less alone.  SEE see the lady rise from her village the elder
of her village Sam he took her on his back from his pallet in the sand
she had stay on her pallet near him all night so that her first step
was upon the Great Wall of China.
"Without Sam', she told the Emporor, "Su Li Lin would not have began
Her Journey to See Yew."  "What do ewe want?" The Emporor asked the girl,
'You are the talk of every village in China. Tell me what you desire from
this People Ruler."
"Your men are Japanese. They are Samurai."SUL
"They never leave my side and eye am on a mission of peace."SUL
"They have been ordered to kill anyone that bothers ewe."E
"When SAM set me down on the Great Wall of China eye began my journey of
1000 miles and walked each and every step for peace needs to come
IFF not everyday to us then let it be just one.  Give to
my village of Lin a Day of Peace by your Decre~." E
She walked she walked a thousand steps and then she stopped.
She walked to the edge of the wall and stopped.
The Journey for Peace had now begun.
Like the Americans Fourth of July? E
And suppose eye agree to this Decre~.
What then of my men they cannot agree not to fight? What then SU LI LIN.
They have to fight the people who would molest ewe
we have men who walk on wooden legs.
They steal little Chinese women and hurt them very bad.
SU Li Lin smiled at that eye think yew made that one up Emporor.
The First day of December of the year of the Rat.
The month starts then the day is given to the peace.
No one among my men will fight on that day SU Li Lin.
And so it was in the village of Lin.
On every year of the Rat on the first day of the month of December
there is peace in the village of Lin and the voice is
heard from the villagers. SU LI LIN SU LI LIN SU LI LIN
they sing and chant her name over and over again.



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