Tattoos in Mayberry

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Are you real,
or just a poster child.
Are you real,
you know,
you drive em wild.
I'm a poster child,
not unlike you.
up in the spotlight,
could have been you
As a poster child,
poster child of funk.
.Pumpety pump.
I know how your waters flow,
Your ole man by the river
told me so.
he said 
give you a kiss, like this,
then go, with the
 heave it and ho.
Cuz, noddin off the way you do
, pump pump,
sometimes you get that junkie's flu,
pump pump
shame on me? 
no shame, where were you?
I was there for you,
little poster child,,,
poster child of junk
pumpity punk
Where the air is fresh
the water cool
the grass 
forever green.
You stoke my 'magination on
this smokin lap top machine.
But, get off line
get real, don't want your tired old
come down to the street
talk to everyone you meet and
show us your best piece
of work 
Let me again tell you why
Cuz, I'm your poster child
poster child of funk
that's why.

Don't give me more funky monkey junk
got enough already 'Freddie'

Emmaculate connection,
soft words falling down like rain,
You blow in like the wind,
But, you hit me like a train.
But, get off-line, get real,
 don't want  no tired old shpiel,
come on downtown to these streets,
talk to everyone you meet,
and show me your best piece of work.
and you know why
cuz, I'm your
poster child
poster child
of funk
that's why.

Come into my power station
on-line fantasy.
Megabites are risin
Don't you dare log out on me.
If you be my auxilliary
I will be your main.
Telephone lines are crossin'
'bout drives me insane.

So,, get off  line,
get real
don't want the same tired old spiel.
take it downtown to the street
Talk to everyone you meet.
and show them your best piece
of work..
connector cable site,
you're sittin right here at my table,
so let's rock on through the night

Come once down to my street
shake up everyone you meet.
and show them
show us ,
show me
your best piece
. of work.
like a poster child
poster child of funk
pumpity pump.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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