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 Use of Repetition

Repetition is useful in many ways
Starting back in our school days
By picture or word association
Even the tables of multiplication

Biblical truths are often repeated
By character and themes presented
I share these few to encourage you
To seek and search God's Word too

Israelites freed from Egypt one day
Start to end, God did it the same way
In parting the Red Sea, we see His hand
From Jordan River to the Promised Land
Moses saw a bush burning fiery bright
He went closer to see the strange sight
An angel of God saw he looked around
Then told Moses he was on holy ground

To Joshua, a strange man came from nowhere
Standing, sword drawn in front of him there
Joshua was also told he was on holy ground
But he bowed down; not even looking around

A famine in Egypt; led Joseph to store grain
To Israelites, bread from heaven fell like rain
God provided manna from beginning to end
Jesus is the Bread of Life; is He your friend?

God uses ordinary people to fulfill His plan
Often in ways we do not clearly understand
He is infinitely the same throughout eternity
We are finite; our life will end with certainty

Carol Salter on 6/6/08

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