Tattoos in Mayberry

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Ain't nothin goin down,
in this ole town. Ain't nothin
goin down except the Sun.
Ain't nothin goin down,
walk, don't run,
In nothin town
don't scream
don't cry or make a sound
In nothin town
Brother, can't you see the road map
of my life carved into my face
and the tattoo's springing white hot
from my insides.
There's nothin goin down
in this stone cold town
This wilted town,
this tilted town
this Jacks or better so you better fold
blown town.
Aint nothin goin down
except the Sun
but if something's going down
get ready to run
for the Moon, Stars and Sun

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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ain`t nothin goin down