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What did Jesus eat? Did Jesus only eat nuts and berries in the forest?
Did he eat meat or no meat or only veggies? Did he carry money
in a silver wallet? Did he carry strong boxes on his shopping cart?
Did he go to McDEES when he needed his Chocolate fixed?  A milkdud
in a drink. A fries and hold the mustard please. A dollar menu burgered.  
What oh What mye gentle reader ewe did Jesus eat? Figs.
Well no actually once he looked for some and found only flowers there.
Budding figs were growing in the season but the time was ripe for them
to be the actual figs so He messed up the whole tree making it unfit
to ever make more figs. Fish. He ate pieces of fish. Never a whole fish
either mostly just pretend. Hay you guys look eye am eating.
Just so you think eye am one of you. But rally eye am alien
from a different point of view. Once he ate a part of a honeycombed.
Those fake ones the rich company makers made are rally very good ones.
They make a person think they are rally eating the real macaw a parrot
made in Sicilia volcanoes. Trivia TidBit Mye Yearbook #462869 of
9020444 members. Half of one million out of a total of nine.
In the running holding hands never in line for the beddy bye time.
He said odd things like eye have meat to eat you know not of.
Perhaps he meant the things the Angels brought to him when no one
noticed it the manna from the wilderness the bread from
all the Holiness the hidden manna needed to survive. The man can
walk to far away places and once there he walks into the taverns
orders up the flagons and drinks the belly down or non he makes
the undertaker flinch the wood is fitted to the sepulcher loosens up
the mails fall out.  Lord, in Your love fill our hearts
with the Holy Spirit, who inspired the deacon Ephrem to sing
the praise of Your mysteries and gave him strength to serve You alone.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. +Amen.
He who gives us bread can give us crabs Amen.
Fish and shrim:pe and even soup or other kinds of meat we eat.
There is a part of a crab that some people do not eat
they call it Devil Fingers and they say to take it out
and only eat the meat. Some people eat the carapace they crunch it
oh so gleefully but bones are not my thing but meat.
The white meat of a crab is oh so good to eat.
The outer shell is cracked by stronger hands than hers
and then she hands me some again she cracks the one for me.
She is stronger than the eye and so eye bow to love and dine.
Let's eat. Mermaid and her merman will dine upon the seahorse.
Water and seaweed if we need. And love. And Meat.


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