Tattoos in Mayberry

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It ain't a movie
and it's not a joke
Your accounts been frozen
and now you're broke

Nowhere to run
credit cards are maxxed
Boss don't need none
blame Equifax
Like a deer in the headlights
at the scene of a crime
hangin judge handin out quads, nickles and dimes
Face features splashed on the T.V. shows
American is wanted
it's time to go
You find your're payin
a little more for less
bought yourself a new name
and a shadow address
caught by the short hairs
cuttin you no deals
shoe leather lookin like full-course meals
and you're stuck like Chuck
in a big ole rut
Mister Blackball
he one tough nut
Tell me all about it
the fit has hit the shan
tonight, we'll fight
today's got other plans
his lawyers put your sweethearts momma on the lam
His little baby brother
juked Jimmy Jam
he's right there pickin and a grinnin
and a winnin and a spinnin them webs
as you fall
damn that man,
Mister Blackball

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Mr. Blackball