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 Forking River Dam. Illinois

Forking River
Forking Dam

John M went camping and took his friend Timmy. Off they went
to the Forking River Dam. They went to the Forking Campground
near the Forking Dam. They decided to visit the Forking City.
They had to go to the Forking Market. It was near
the Forking Gas Station closer to the furcating Forking River
bending near the Forking swamp turning into the
Forking Quicksanding place there where they turned off
the Main Forking Road. They turned Forking right there.
There is a Forking left turn as well but they had to get
to the Forking Store. They bought some Forking Beer made
in the Forking Brewery. They were still in Illinois. Forking, Ill.
Ill is the abbreviation for Illinois, so we aer all Forking, Ill.
For now. The men were Forking camping so they bought some Forking beans
made at the Forking beanery. The Forking Meat CO. provided.
The Olympic branch of the Mount Olympus Water CO. Donated
the Forking Water. They went to the Forking River Motel to steal
the soap and the towels. They paid for the room and took
two Forking Dam showers. They kept the Forking Dam Ashtray.
It has a picture of the Forking Dam River. The Forking Dam Police
were searching for the Forking Dam Campground to arrest the Forking men.
They were not from Forking at all but just out of townies they had
come to Forking Dam to Fish for Forking Fish. They went to
the Forking Boat Dock and rented a Forking Boat the Indian Man
in charge of the Forking Boat Dock said you out of townies speak
with Forking tongue. But money green in Forking Dam. Good to see you
Forking men. The Men in Forking Dam City are Forking gay.
The Forking City Future Club is Oddfellows Hall.
Eye am Forking, Ill. From all that Forking Fish they gave to me
the nibbles and the bites the love all tied up in Forking Ville.
They said that visit day is FrYdaY at the Forking Prison Institution
they have a Forking Fish fry for religion they want me to go
to Forking, Ill.
And visit.

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