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We have instant ice tea, ATM's,automatic this and
Automatic that… TV’s controlled by remotes
We want everything to happen fast while exerting the
Least amount of effort … never accepting blame …
Looking for Scapegoats

Marriage isn’t like that … it must be worked upon
If the partners goal is love
Men and women are not equal
They are as different as day and night
Both are slaves of Allah, both have rights

Their rights are similar but not the same
To be successful they must compliment
One another like hand and glove
Marriage is to be diligently worked upon
If the partners goal is love

Silence is sometimes the best form of
Communication … too much talk at times
Can cause emotional alienation

Placing the keys to the van in her hand
Driving to the beach for a late night walk
In the sand … doing what little things you can
Sweet words whispered in her ear
A caress drawing her near

Simple displays of caring designed to
Wipe away her tears
Small endearments that increase loving
Sentiments as the marriage advances in years

One’s emotions often vacillate
Respect we should reciprocate
One another’s feeling appreciate
We should uplift not berate
Life is too short for hate

We must complement one another like
Hand and glove
Marriage is to be worked upon
If the partners goal is love

Abu Lateef


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