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 Saved Two Ways

Paramedics save lives every day
Whether by CPR or another way
Deemed heroes, yet not the same
The Life-giver is known by name

Only God possesses divine power
Restoring life to man at any hour
Giving man the ability to survive
Without Him, we would not be alive

An experience just happened to me
I went to the hospital emergency
At work, I felt warm, dizzy and faint
My skin was pale, like white paint

Eating soup, the worst had past
I just wanted to go home at last
I contacted a friend on the phone
But yet I should not be left alone

That was my employer's viewpoint
I agreed to be checked at that point
911 was called, my vitals were good
But I was light-headed when I stood

ER asked me lots of questions to start
Wiring me all up to monitor my heart
Tests were run and I was kept overnight
Additional doctors consulted for insight

Normal enzyme blood levels in my heart
Test was done twice but same from start
All my symptoms left, so I was released
Follow up with my doctor, a blessed relief

I am to go to ER if condition comes back
For re-evaluation and monitoring on track
With Jesus as Savior, I am saved two ways
Physical and spiritually for eternity always

As it turned out, my life was not in danger
I was in the care of more than a stranger
Jesus protected me from harm that day
He remains with me each step of the way

Carol Salter on 6/14/08
(Last stanza added on 6/22/08)

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