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 The door to the lieberry is closed to the public until it opens
at the entry at the specified time the computer lets the doors
open the entry dot turns green and the door lock pops with an
audible. Five minutes before this happens the CharlaX door
at the side of the handicapped space clicks. Then eye walk in
the lieberry carrying mye Egypt bag and limping to the charlax
computer on the first floor near the book drop door. The sign
on the computer says charlax sits here ici. NO one else can use
it then but mee. They finally told me since yew are a famous writer
and yew aer here every day to use computer we will let you have
this one in this corner all for yours. The Golden letters CharlaX
upon the top replaced the public number in there haste to keep they
eye on mee they waste nothing but the memory of this computer will
not work it will not keep any files on mee. King X is lined on the
back of the only wooden chair allowed in this facility. Eye asked
them to make it from the orange crate they made me sit on at the
kindergratten when eye was a young American boy. The many sided tray
is where the young girls will leave the coffee and the burgers piled
so high the ceiling ducts are moved away to let the French fry fall
from the skylight it is seven feet around and full of ketchup bytes.
The screen is split in four parts on the first is my poetry websites
and then the games in the other and on the one side is the things
eye watch like films and stuffins and on the other side is searches.
As eye type the document eye find a story fable in mye eye.  
A Word For Love
King CharlaX
 When she smiles  online at mee eye live different as a blind man see.
The loss of her is darkenness and rejection hope fulfilled is better
when the secret dot turns green and the love blossom comes to heart
again eye swim in water turning green near surface warm eye morph
into the Gragon for mye Qyeen and fly to Island wealthy landing near
the hide that she is leaving on the way to Island the mermaid morphed
to selkie turning into female cow and leaving skin she walked on human
legs a prince now eye become and walk on steady move to find her side
where we can hold each other up and limp together to the yonder glen
where picnic basket stays a blanket in the dew we learn to live
we limp my right her left her left my right as becoming just
one person in the earthly night forgotton hide and carapace with wings
they lay uncovered on the beach of small island place the skin of seal
the wings of grace replaced as man and wife we dine on love a new love
formed a word for love adores.
 Eye have a darkstone box an added on the gmail caht is there alone.  
Here is what a KING thinks up on his own time. Everyone that lives dies.
 Every one that begins a life must leave it. There is only one exception.
Jesus. The gmail box is where eye keep mye eye. Eye live only for the ewe
 may she never ever cry. They let me stay until the daylight why.
Eye go to peer around and other stuff only once a day the time is
spent in games and play. Eye work and write the fables more they fall
from fingertips not sore. The door is always open now the caht comes
quicker by the pound of flesh eye rise in dough so hard the better
to eat ewe up mye deer the roe. Venison is not so good when mye only
lambea likes salad and then pizza processed food replaces fish
as money rules and we adores. Chicken beouf and meat must be
at the picnic treat while we adores King CharlaX found a new
word for love.

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