The Unfairness Of Angels 
  matthew Bartram

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 A Small Green Box

Funny how fate guides us
Like polished surfaces under dust
I did a huge spring clean yesterday
And whilst putting the winter clothes away
I found a small green box
Hidden under unpaired socks
I took it out, and sat on my bed
Thoughts and emotions, now in my head
Inside was a bundle of photos
Of my mum, as a teenager, in model shows
She looked beautiful and bright
The photos looked very arty in black & white
There were other photos there too
Of a family trip to London Zoo
And others of my dad and mum
Laughing, joking, having fun
A couple of photos of  me and my brothers
As children asleep under the covers
On the ground was a Liverpool rug
With Orange juice in a QPR mug
And a collection of photos of Uncle Derek
Who ventured like me, on a world wide trip
Still life pics of my family
A snap shot of a memory
It was funny to see my mum in 60's frocks
But I'm glad I found that small green box.

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