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 The Lagg Monster still eats only not so obviously now a drogon eating
its own tale in the making.   Eye sent an email to the forum this is they
reply. Wait.
They said WE the FORUM have sent to you an email and iff you do not
receive it in the next 7200 hours then mabe contact us again.
But please WAIT.
And never reply to THIS email this EMAIL is clearly marked as no reply
the address. Could it be that eye am not as bad as what they said?
Could it seem to mee that some of it was source. Constant bombardment
not of mye spirit but of there hearts. Superior and elder incanting hate
to younger and inferior in the other world of never there where homeless
people have to go. Eye am so sure of mye ideas eye get hyper text in brain
the lines make ridges in mye head. The Raven was not the favorite
one of Poe. Perhaps he never planned to pen it. At least not to be
so famous of a penning. Perhaps he had another writing that he loved.
That someone found and then discarded the world accepts a penning of a
drunken broken heart but wait perhaps he had a love. The woman of the hour
she holds her power over men she was a stripper at the tavern where he got
his nightly flagon at the Poignant Inn. He stared hard at places on
a woman he had never dreamed of and she smiled at only him the way
an evil stripper does at someone still in love. She laughed her face
not young at all but old and ugly in the shadows hiding from the Poe.
Oh Edger Allen loves me so what can he see in me it must be lust
brought on by drink he is not so young himself so misshapen of a head
what would my neighbors think to see him scurry out and off at daylight
after waking up beside this mustache woman in the dark appalled at what
he must have done the shame replacing alcohol in him the self hatred
coming hard on one so used to accolades from peers he starts away
and this time he sees her pause. She actually flinches from his touch
he realizes he was grasping at her elbow in time to try to talk.
He drops his hand and stares hard at her in pause. Her namme was stripper
and she worked there in the Poignant Club the only floor show they allow
she never took all the clothes away but always stayed the gentle lass.
He fell in love not once but thrice and had to force himself to breathe
as now he pauses in the Poignant Inn and smiles.
He went home and drank until the sun came up and penned
the most marvelous love poem the lines and edges marked the poetic verses
until he likened them to solid gold and then he cried. For he had forgotten
the namme of the stripper from the Club down at the Poignant Inn her namme
is lost to obscurity of lust gone bad to drink. The cleaning sweep came in
to have a go at a room not used to it. He took the poem of Edger Allen Poe
and very carefully used it to light the fire out in the hall. Page after
glowing page until all gone. And then the poor man took his pause.
All the poem lost and forgotton now no copies made with Dell or Intel
and the woman gone back to Connecticut to teach her school
as so many of them did back then.
Eye pause.  

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