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 Reflections of My Heart

My Beautiful Daughters  ღ KKD ღ

My Beautiful Daughters

You always assume your children know
that you love them and are proud of them.
Well this is not necessarily true.
I wanted to be sure my two
beautiful daughters know that I do love them
and how proud I am to be their Mother.
So the year Wendy turned 30,
Tonya also got married and for gifts
for both occasions I wrote poems to them.
I hope you enjoy and never assume
that your loved ones know how you feel.
Express and show them everyday.
This is my first attempt at putting
my heart on paper. Then my pen lay
idle for atleast a couple of years until
I ran across the most awesome Poet
Pen name Jim Heart Jღ
I just call him Jim
who quickly became my mentor
and the push I needed to dig
ever so deeply into my heart and
we remain close friends to this day.

I hope you enjoy
ღ KKD ღ

Why Do I Love You?

Dedicated to my daughter, Wendy

I feel so fortunate to have you for a daughter
I love your bright face and ideas ...
When we talk seriously about the world.

I love your smile ...
When you laugh at the inconsistencies of life.

I love your eyes ...
When you are showing emotion.
Flaring wide and bright
or generating softness and tenderness.

I love your mind ...
When you are discovering new ideas
to explore and teaching me.

I love your ideas ...
When you are creating new concepts and dreams.
Dreams that are important to you.
And to me.

I love our talks ...
Many people tell me
that they can't talk to their children.
I find that sad. A lot of wasted good conversation
and an exchanging of knowledge between friends.

I love time spent together ...
I look forward to any time we can spend together,
whether it is working, playing, hours talking
on the phone or just being with each other.
Friends spending time together.

I have and will make mistakes
and errors as a parent.
My human frailties are impossible to hide
and unfortunately, my children occasionally
fall victim to those imperfections.

As a parent I cannot abandon my responsibility
to provide leadership. Simply because I lack insight
and wisdom to do what is right sometimes,
is not reason enough for me to quit trying.
Just remember all I do is done out of Love.

Now it is your turn to take up the torch
and fulfill your dreams.
But as you travel down the road
with it's many twists and turns
always remember one important thing ...

As the years roll by and as we both get older,
not only will you always be my daughter,
you will always be my dear friend.

You are my first born.
The first to be placed in my arms and heart
and to give me a sense of fulfillment
and completeness to life.

As your mother, I am so proud of you.
My love and pride for you just keeps
growing stronger and stronger.
You see my precious daughter I have learned
so much from my children.

I love you Baby
Thank you for being my daughter

June 1998

I was Proud of You Today

Dedicated to my daughter, Tonya

I took you into my arms for the first time today
and you looked at me with those all trusting eyes
as your tiny hand grips my finger and
I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

I stand looking through the kitchen window
watching you defend your big sister
because the 'neighborhood bully'
is trying to take her bike
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

I stand hidden from sight,
because as you informed me
'I'm a big girl now',
watching such a tiny little girl
get on that big yellow school bus
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

Before me stands a budding young lady
dressed in what we called her Cinderella dress.
Looking very poised and confident for a 7th grader
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

I see the joy and appreciation on your face
as we 'tried' to surprise you
with a car on your sixteenth birthday
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

I sit on the edge of the bed filled with worry,
watching the clock, waiting for you
to come home from your first date,
and then right on time, I hear the door open
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

You face a difficult time in your life
and I offer my help and you say
'thanks Mom, but I'll take care of it myself'
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

We said good bye to Dad today,
and in spite of your own grief, as always,
you were there to support and care for me
and I think to myself ...
Papa and I were proud of you today

You come through the front door,
left hand extended,
and I'm not sure which sparkled more,
the ring on your third finger
or the sparkle in yours and Jack's eyes
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

You called me today
and asked me to go shopping with you
for your wedding dress.
After trying on what seemed like
a hundred different dresses
in a dozen different bridal shops,
there it was the perfect 'Tonya dress'
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

You came to me today with the plans for
yours and Jack's new home.
You were so excited showing me colors
and describing every minute detail
and I think to myself ...
I was proud of you today

I sit here at your Bridal Shower
watching you with your friends
and admire at how poised and mature you are.
I wonder where did all the years slip away to,
it wasn't that long ago your tiny little hand
was so trustingly gripping my finger
and I think to my self ...
I was proud of you today

Tonya, I sit here tonight reflecting back
and looking ahead to the future
(because that's what Mother's do)
and I like what I see.
In a little less than two months
I will watch you walk down the isle,
looking like a princess,
to a wonderful man who I am entrusting
with one of my most precious possessions,
my youngest daughter.
I will watch you become his wife
and I know I will sit and tearfully think ...
I was proud of you today

I love you Baby
Thank you for being my daughter

August 1997

ღ KKD ღ

Original by
Donna DeLong Matthews
First time posted to the web
April 2001

1997 1998 (All rights reserved)

Helen Reddy
You and Me Against the World

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