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William Ward
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Happiness Found

Some say life is hopeless,
That happiness can never be achieved,
And living is nothing but distress,
But I say they have been deceived.

We must use the brain given to us,
To puzzle the situation out,
Which is not easy I must confess,
But really there is little doubt.

Life is only what you make of it,
Not what others will allow,
They control only if you will permit,
Them to beat you on the brow.

We have our own destiny in our hands,
We must never let it slip away,
Never treat it like grains of sand,
And let it go astray.

Happiness comes when we are one,
With ourselves and are not divided,
Never depend on others to get done,
What we ourselves should have provided.

Once we have found the best in ourselves,
Then we can find someone to share,
What we have stored on our shelves,
For the day when we become aware.

The ultimate happiness of course is love,
We all want ours to be real,
To hit the heights before undreamed of,
Ourselves we have to reveal.

Copyright 2008 William M. Ward

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