Beautiful Disaster

Lend Your Ear

He sits alone
On the church stairs
Trying to ignore
The ignorant glares

They think he is
worthless scum
A lowly life form
Just a dirty bum

They cross the road
To avoid contact
Pretending not to see him
Is just part of the an act

Little do they know
About the life he's had to live
Little do they know
About the love he longs to give

He just wants to talk
About his life
To be able to relay his stresses
About worry and strife

He wants to talk
About the hurt and pain
And teach others
From the insight he's gained

His soul cries out
And his heart yearns
When will I be loved?
When is it my turn?

All it takes
Is a simple smile
And maybe to sit
And talk for a while

But we (including me)
Pretend not to see
We may feel sorry
But we just let him be

But it's not just
The man on the the church stairs
Its classmates and coworkers
That need your care

There is so much
That we don't know
Broken lifes, unspoken sorrows
Tribulations and woe

But we continue to judge
Although we haven't a clue
Of the life that they've lived
Of the things they've been through

So next time
You are near
Someone that needs to talk
Lend your ear.

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