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The Doc

The RSM stood quivering there
The parade at attention on the square
Starting to feel the hot summer's sun
Cursing that bloody missing field gun

An artillery regiment were in town
And in our camp woods were billeted down
And The Doc had thought it would be fun
To go and camouflage one of their guns

So in the middle of one night
Sneaked it away out of sight
When they were ready to move on
Went and discovered a gun was gone

They finally found it hidden away
Thought it took a whole working day
And they'd had to travel overnight
To try and get their schedule right

So many knew but none would tell
And sentence The Doc to jankers hell
And so we stood sweating there
As Tara quivered on that square

To one of my then tender age
I'd never seen such awesome rage
But after two hours came the shout
And thank the lord they fell us out

So much humour in Army life
Even among the bull and strife
Many as memorable as that day
The Doc had hidden that piece away

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The Doc