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Can Not Capture

Eyes, the gateways of the soul
Dare to try, they are quite bold
To paint for you the vision clear
Of the caring behind each tear

Though they oft shimmer and shine
They can not capture what is divine
Only the heart can show you true
The depth of feeling, felt for you

Hands can stoke the burning fire
Tease you into a frenzied desire
In hopes to show you passions way
It is the way, the body does play

Yet though they lure you to the dance
They can not overpower romance
Only the heart shall be warm forever
While bodies age, a fading ember

Even words reach to seek in kind
To serenade sweet, the eager mind
Flowing pure, a gentle sound
To tell of joys yet to be found

Not even words can hope to capture
The gift of love, a heart in rapture
For words can often help one hide
To know the truth...
You must look inside


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Can Not Capture