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I declare my independence from any obligation

To cow tow, bow down to the racist progenitors of this nation,

Nor will I worship the ameriKKKan flag

I disassociate and declare my Independence from the

Philosophy of the founding F _ G' S

Grown men walking about in stockings,

Skin tight Capri pants and knickers

Picking fights and throwing tea in the Boston harbor

While on a drunken spree one night.

Too cowardly to accept the blame

When ask who did it …

They didn't give their names,

They placed the blame

On the people they colored red,

Crispus Attics,

Of African descent they pushed him out front

And he bore the brunt …

First to die for these White chumps.

I declare my independence from frilly lace shirts,

Powdered faces and the white wigs

Worn on the heads of these 

"Revolutionary Racist"

Hair that they scalped from the native peoples heads

Massacre victims 

Men women and children.... dead,

I declare my independence from these big buckled …

High heeled shoe wearing "Cross dressing" clowns

I declare my independence and voice my disdain

With these males who carried dainty little lace handkerchiefs

Used to snort cocaine ...  

Up their noses

And I reserve my right

To beat them down with Billy Clubs and rubber hoses

As their descendants have historically

Utilized to brutalize my people

"I declare these truths to be self evident

That all men are created equal

And are endowed by their creator

With certain inalienable rights

Among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

I declare myself independent from ameriKKKan Hypocrisy

And the SHAM that they have labelled a democracy

And I am making it plain  that I abhor their disdain for  melenated humanity

And their blasphemy

Towards Allah and His Messenger.

I declare my Independence from


Number of LIES

Propagated, promulgated or propagandized

By the United Snakes government's mindless minions 

I declare to be a witness to The Truth (al Haqq)

Even if it is against myself.


Abu Lateef


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