18 Positions

ameriKKKan Employment


Negroes Needed To Fill These

18 Positions:

1.Negroes who will do as

Masta say, the judge

Clarence Thomas way

2.Negroes needed to serve

as cannon fodder loyal troops

fighting in my cause

3.Negroes who won't fight

me back when I attack

them with no pause

4.Negroes needed for

Tom'n, Negroes who'll

never take a stand

or speak up like a real man

5.Negroes needed who

got mad love for me knowing

that for them I don't give a


6.Negroes who'll never take a

position opposing me

because they patriotically ...

love their uncle sam

7.Negroes to become Black

Greeks, porno stars

hetero and homosexual


8.Negroes needed to fill the

role of "Make believe

Gangsters" on TV, in movies

and videos

9.Negroes with BALLS ... needed

to play with the NBA, MLB

and the NFL

10.Negroes needed to dress

and talk like me as I make their

lives a living hell

11.Negroes who can lip sic and

mimic the "I have a dream


12.Negroes who can sing and

dance like a down home

Georgia peach

13.Negroes who enjoy being

beat down by the pigs while

saying" can't we all ... just

get along?"

14.Negresses who can be

ring card girls while wearing

nothing but a Thong

15. Negresses that are pretty

and can sing that

White Supremacist Anthem Song

16.Negroes needed as snitches

and spies, so if you qualify ...

we welcome your participation

in the Negro division of our FBI

17.Negroes with BA's, MA's. PhD's

who will bow down before the

U.S. government on their Knees ...

always anxious to please.

18.Negroes for sure ... if you bend

over like a whore ... we have job

opportunities galore


These Jobs Opportunities are now

available ...

Only Fully Qualified, Certifiable Negroes and Negresses .......


Muslims and other undesirables

are not Wanted nor will they be

allowed to fill out an application

for employment ...

MUSLIMS Need Not Apply!!!

MUSLIMS Need Not Apply!!!

MUSLIMS Need Not Apply!!!


Abu Lateef


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18 Positions