Beautiful Disaster

Broken But Saved

Once upon a time
When she was very small
She decided she had be perfect
And aim to please all

She had to be the good one
Because her brother was so bad
And seeing the pain in her parents eyes
Often made her sad

She bottled her emotions
As to not burden Mom and Dad
She took on more responsibilities
In a house that was going mad

She watched her baby brother
And did a lot of household chores
A diligent student
But corrupted at the core

The immense pressure she placed upon herself
To be the perfect child
Started to weigh her down
Making her thoughts scattered and wild

She had a lot of resentment
Toward her parents and her brother
And thoughts of worthlessness
She could not smother

Her mind was consumed
By a criticizing voice
She crumbled under hurtful thoughts
It seemed she had no choice

Her mind was moving fast
But her heart was faster still
No logic and no reason
Just a deep desire and will

Her compassion for people
Often led her astray
For although she could help others
She couldn't find her own way

Her confidence is shy
Although her ability is great
But one day she will see
God's greater fate

And although her thoughts
May be crazy and wild
God sees this broken girl
As His beautiful child

She hasn't found
Happily ever after yet
But she has truly just begun
And needs not fret

For in the end
The good guys always win
And the broken and decrepit
Will bear the weight of their own sin

And so broken and scarred
She lays down her pain
So that the great Lord Jesus
Can save her again.

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