Beautiful Disaster

Survival (I WILL survive, won't I?)

Scarier then the darkest cave
More daunting then the deepest pool
There is nothing more frightening
Then the days of high school

The halls are so crowded
You have to push to get through
But push the wrong person
And that could be the end of you

Classes start on the first day
No messing around
Homework is measured
By the pound

The teachers can be quite scary
And the assignments can be pretty rough
But you will find
That as time goes on, it isn't as tough

But truly its not teachers or textbooks
That make high school hell
It's the cruel opinions of teenagers
And stereotypes as well

But if you want to survive
Follow these rules
Tested and proven
For all high schools

Don't try to be
Something you are not
Don't act like
The rest of the lot

Be yourself
Be who you are
And you'll learn
That is what gets you far

Love recklessly
Enjoy life
Don't worry about tedious problems
Or worthless strife

Don't ever stop
Fighting for what is right
And whatever you are fighting for
Fight with all your might

Don't be consumed by indifference
Don't blend into the crowd
Be different
And be proud

If you follow those tips
And find your own way
Then I'm sure you'll make it
To graduation day.  

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