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Over The Rainbow

Far in the sky
Clouds flowing peacefully as the sea
Eternity splits open
In the midst of heaven
Side of darkness fighting its way
Against the rays of light
Colliding at full might
Creating chaos so far unheard of
Imaginably unseen off
What a sight?

There in the heavens
Glowing like the sun
Clear as the dawn
God's angels march on
Flying unto the battle of life
Against all the evil ones,

Vast as an ocean in the blue sky
Strong as the mountains
The words can't describe
With voices sounding
Like the flow of the waterfall
Sweat as the dew
Robes of pure white
Holding swords in their hands
The dark ones they smite
They're fighting for the truth of God
They're fighting for the light,

In the heaven layers much higher
A light shines with blazing fire
Seraphim are flying around
With their voices making a worship sound
Calling praises day and night
Holy Holy Holy is God Almighty
Who is, was, and is to come,

There over the rainbow
Where God's glory flows endlessly
There over the rainbow
Lies the presence of the Holy Trinity
There over the rainbow
In the Holy of Holies
On the throne
Sits the Lord in charge of all

By all of His mercy
This world turns
But soon the world's presence
And the first heaven will begin to burn,

Give us time oh Lord God Almighty
Give us strength to fight the accuser
With the blood of the lamb we will overcome
As all the power of evil forces will be thrown down,

There over the rainbow
Father gives time
For the world to continue
And turn as before
Yet only for a while,

But there is so much more
To be done after the final fall,

Earthquake thunder bursting ground
Dragon and his angels have been hurled down
All in the heavens rejoice
But woe to the earth and sea
Fore the dragon and all forces of evil are falling down
As the speed of lightning
Enraged with great fury

It doesn't matter who you are
Or the size of your star
You will all bow down before the Maker
One day you will bow down before the Creator
One day you will bow down before the Holy One
One day you will all bow down
Before the God's only begotten Son,

One day everyone will fall before His throne
Those that traded good for evil
In eternal damnation forever they will go
God's Spirit is everywhere
So listen, all that exists and beware

For all who rebell
Will forever fall
Once and for all
Into the abyss way down below,

Glory Glory to the God on the highest
Glory Glory to the Lord of all
Glory Glory to Jesus Christ
The Creator, A Mankind's Savior

All Holy Angels adore Him
And with praise implore Him
May His Father's will be forever done
Oh Lord let Your Holy kingdom come,

Son of God only You are forever worthy
Everthing holy in heaven that exists love Thee,
With praise they all adore Thee
May Your Father's will be done
On earth as in heaven
For all ages
May thy kingdom soon come
Oh Son of God
The kingdom of all existence
Is always Yours
You are the everlasting One

Who is there on earth
Or in the heavens that is worthy
With all praises the saints
Along with the angels bow down,
Son to the Father, Father to the Spirit
Is the creation ready for what is to come?

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