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A political architect he did cohesively collect
Leaders from a mosaic of African people,
Through the grace of Allah
he stood out like a star,
Uniting them from near and far,
Fulfilling his subjects desires
Creating the Malian empire,
The Qur'an was read and he built imposing masjids,
Where believers prayed and prostrated their heads,
People were free to voice and signal their choice,
In all and every decision … making Islam the
Official Malian religion.
A man of piety with too much wealth to be bought
Islam ruled his heart,
And with wisdom, he ruled his royal court.
In economics and education,
his policies were no less impressive,
When it came to the welfare of his
People he had tendencies towards the obsessive,
He encouraged good relations with North Africa and
Beyond … hoping only to find … The gates of paradise
Opened for him on the Day of Judgment.
With his wealth, he showed generous patronage
to schools And Muslim scholars …
lavishing upon them gold
Not worthless paper dollars,
Muslim intellectuals flocked from other Islamic states
To become part of his teaching crew …
By joining the faculty at the University of Timbuktu,
In the year 1324, he set out to fulfill
the last of the Five Pillars and his obligation
to his Lord, He went in Peace
never having to draw his sword,
He traveled with an entourage of sixty thousand
f his court And in his train was eighty camels …
And may Allah Bless his soul, for it is told
Each camel bore 300 pounds of gold,
Every "yaum-ul-Jummah" he would stop
for the congregational Prayer …
and would not leave until he had made financial
Arrangements for a masjid to be built there.
His piety and generosity became legendary
In the Desert sands and Prairie lands
From the Atlantic Ocean to the Red sea and beyond.


Abu Lateef


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