Jerusalem Jerusalem

In the east of hemisphere
Lies a place of spiritual gold
Chosen by God since the days of old
Now the people of that land are reunited
For the very last time
To exist always
In the land which to them
By God was given and assigned
So the future could take place
A new beginning for all of Mankind,

Yet in a state of aberration and confusion
Some being trapped in dark delusions
Unaware of constellations
That are imposing great complications,

Yet for everything and everyone
Consequences are bound to happen
And God's judgments will come,

Jerusalem Jerusalem
One day God will come to you again
Jerusalem Jerusalem
You'll be Lord's forever then,

In the battle of Armageddon
Many armies will form
Against Jesus Christ the chosen One,
And there their blood will splatter
There their bones will fall

And the birds of the air will devour them all
The antichrist and false prophet will go straight to hell
Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem
You'll be Lord's forever then,

Wait and see
Everything will happen
All things will come to be
Heavenly Fathers will be done
On earth as in heaven
For all eternity,

For those who always dreamed to be with
Jesus Christ
God's only begotten Son
A day will come

When the Creator will meet with His creation
As with their very own eyes many will see
The King of kings and Lord of lords
Coming back with all His glory,

Coming on the clouds with the saints
And the host of heavenly armies
To reinstate the Holy law
On every living soul that's left to be
Soon in this broken world
There will be no more enmity...

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