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Learning To Fly


She rises each morning
Her routine calling
She greets
The beginning of day

She scolds the dog
And the cat for fighting
Drinks her coffee
And for a time drifts away

Into another day ...
She met herself here yesterday
In visions
She wishes to no longer see

Too many night time's
In daytime calling
She just doesn't see

All of the while
The worries falling
Into the heart that
Does not want to receive

Where are you
Sweet morning hue

Why is it she just can't seem
To make herself
Quit reliving sad scenes

And yet in these days
There is a sunshine
That blocks out the rain

The innocence of newness
In all of the world
That he sees

She prays for a wing
To new daytime's calling
As she looks at herself
In the mirror

Today she will start
Focusing on the sunshine
For a time put away
Worrisome tears

Now brought back to a yesterday
Where sweet memories play

Recording in mind this moment
Before it too
Fades to another day

Transported back in time
By the sweetness
Of new images seen

Time slips away
As she watches
Her Grandson form dreams

Praying that somehow
He finds the life
She wishes for his to be

Opaque the tears
On their way to sunshine
Thru the smiles
That she sees in his eyes

No time to ponder
The day is calling
And she's getting ready to fly

Lord bless you sweet Joseph
My little pill and the sun
In my sky

For routine life may be
But each day with me
You teach
Your Grandma to fly

A heart feels much lighter
When it can find a way
To focus on sunshine

You have just met
My Grandson
His name is Joseph

He was Three
At the beginning of March
He is my constant companion


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Learning To Fly



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