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~`CHRISTIAN THE LION`~   ``30 seconds  worth watching.`` About a lion raised as a cub by two young men who ---when he got too big--- had him released into the wilds of Africa .    THEN... 1 year later this video shows what happened when they went back to see him. Precious. http://videos.komando.com/2008/06/26/christian-the-lion/ VIDEO Sent to me by our `Warrior Poet`~ ~`Terry Sasek`~ to share with all of you who we care for as friends! `THANK-YOU TERRY FOR BEING A DEAR FRIEND TO ALL OF US HERE AT PP.` PLEASE VISIT HIS WONDERFUL SITES AT: poetrypoem.com/onceawarrior and poetrypoem.com/terryscorner YOU WILL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID! "Thanks and God's Blessings to all!" ~`NATURAL LOVE`~ WE ARE BORNE WITH NATURAL LOVE INSTINCTS INSTILLED DEEP WITHIN WHETHER ANIMAL OR MAN ALL CREATED BY ONE MASTER, OUR LORD SAVIOR TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER WAS GOD'S ORIGINAL PLAN.. ~ ♥~ TO RECEIVE LOVE ONE MUST GIVE UNSELFISHLY IN LAWS OF NATURE A BOND OF LOVE GIVES BIRTH DEEP SEATED GRATITUDE OF A GENEROUS DEED FOREVER DWELLS IN SPIRITS OF GOD'S EARTH.. ****************** ~`COPYRIGHTę*2008* ~ ♥~ ~`MARYJANE BALTHAZAR`~

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