Tattoos in Mayberry

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Demon Child.

Ever been had, really taken bad
carved up neat to the bone
Came down with the prickly heat when
your cover got blown
You've been wearin a clever disguise
but I see through your lies
from that look in your eyes
Can't you forgive this stand up guy
Or has the raging pain of
religion gotten you high  
Don't waste precious time worrying on me
Clean up your own mess
set everyone free
Slip your feet into another man's shoes
Imagine what the the perp was thinkin on the evenin news
A firm belief in an unlikely suspicion.
demon child of a bad religion
In order for a story to have any play
Don't lose tomorrow on yesterday
Today shouldn't ever be sculpted in stone
Seeds never sewn
un-precious monuments
of flesh and bone  
Death defies all sly ambition
Demon child of a bad religion
A mad Religion
Dead end child of a long division
Stained tattooed hacked, defiled
Full moon beckons you
Demon Child

Buddy Bee Anthony


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Demon Child.