Beautiful Disaster

Baby Boy -Dedicated to my newest cousin.

Baby boy
As you grow
There are some things
You ought to know

No matter where you are
No matter what you do
Your family will always
Love you

Remember the things          
They say                    
Because their words
May one day guide your way

Treasure people in your heart
As God would have you do
Because they are beautifully made
Just like me and you

Be consumed with passion
A fire ignited by love
Use your gifts to serve others
And remember they come from above

Keep your heart warm and tender
By showing compassion toward everyone you meet
Show compassion to your friends, your enemies
People on the street

Don't let indifference
Capture your heart
For its apathy
That tears the soul apart

Always be yourself
Because no one else is quite like you
No one else
Can do what you do

Live by your morals
Fight for what is right
Take a stand against injustice
Fight with all your might

But don't fight with fists
Fight from your heart's core
For fists may win a battle
But the heart will always win the war

If faced with the decision
To follow logic or emotion
Follow the feeling side of you
The side full of love and devotion

You have very special parents
And you are a very special boy
You'll never know how much they love you
And how much you bring them joy

I love you sweet baby boy
And I can't wait to see you grow
I love you sweet baby boy
And I hope you always know.

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