Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Girl - Dedicated to Shannon Plasyck (My camper from Rainbow Express 08)

She throws back her head
And laughs at me
With a wide smile
And eyes full of glee.

She watches us
And mimics what we do
Never forget
She is watching you too.  

She loves
Everyone she meets
Hugs and kisses
And other sweet treats.

She plays with the ball
And is fascinated by string
She is amused and awed
At the simplest of things

It doesn't take much
To make her smile
And she does things
With her own kind of style

She sees the things
That we often miss
The meaning of a hug
The significance of a kiss

I have learned more from her
Then she has learned from me
How to love life
In all its simplicity

She is a beautiful girl
With great gifts to share
And her beauty isn't
Just in what she wears

Its her beautiful soul
That brightly shines
Touching everyone's heart
Including mine.

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