I'm not alone

                                    I'm not alone     July 19,2008

My time is here, goodbye my dear and the world that gave me life
The good and bad I've had it all, the happiness, the strife
The smiles, the tears, and sometimes fears, my new life with my God I'll walk
I'll stay close to him, if I feel strange I'll hold his hand, I know he will be near
He'll touch me with his heart and I'll know it, I'll never need to fear
I'll walk the streets in my new land, everyone is here
My father and my mother they met me and told me they loved me then they said hello
With their loving smile they welcomed me and told me they'll never go
It's pretty strange to be here, I'm not alone, and my friends are all around
You never need to worry; we have a social clock, no need to think about the future
No pain, no struggle, just love with no to-morrow, because to-morrow never comes
I can see my friends down below and the calendar is marked with the day that they will join me here
We'll meet again like the good book said, we be together for ever Amen

                                  Gerrard McGeachy

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