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A poem written by me and one of my best friends Lynn, she is a gem and an awesome writer!

As the sun rises
in glorious streams of gold
Shimmering in the iridescence
of the moon soft silver beams

I feel my soul reaching…seeking
The forever touch of you
My heart echoes the eternal beat
Of ancient rites from long ago

Listening to the soft hum
Of summers sacred song
I feel your essence seep deep within my veins
Leaving whispers of eternity

I embrace its gloried touch
Like the very flower that does sip
Of early mornings' dew Tenderly,
savoring...I yearn

Begging to be as one soul
Bound as the clouds to the sky
Merging like the ocean waves
To the crystalline sands of the shore

remembrance is gifted
As the whispered chants of mother
Entwine us together
From then to now and on to forever

Bound in eternal love
Surpassing the old and new
A love spoken over the ages
Scripted within the heavens

~A Mystic and Flowing Pen Collaboration~
(C) 2008

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