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 Language of Enchantment

My Plea (Shared from my niece Shannon)


Rev.3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

~+~My Plea~+~
You live in this world,
a planet that rotates around garbage and filth,
where people scoff at the mention of Christ.
People who no longer pity their neighbor-
only looking out for themselves.
Greed and power overtook our country
a long time ago- we just chose not to see it.
It's a shame what we've done to this planet,
spiraling out of control
with floods, famines, hurricanes, and fires.
It is only with God on our side
that can give us the solitude of safety.
But our country rejects Him!
And His word that speaks volumes of truth is denied!
If only you would seek the scriptures-
revelations are in print for all the world to see-
but they chose not to decipher for their own life.
They live their own will, not the will of the Father.
It is so sad to me, it grieves the soul of my being.
Because I want everyone to know the love of God,
of their Creator...who chose them to be a living being.
Our Father God, who lives in Heaven,
Holy is His name, and His Kingdom will come and His
will be done on the earth. These words are true!
Please seek Him like never before-
Search, wonder, ask, and pray.
I promise He will give you the answers.
He will light a path in your life that you will want to follow.
Allow Him to guide you into a life of sight-
do not let your life continue to walk in the dark
although He is there also. It is He who brings the light
and chases the dark far from you.
A life with Him is all you need to get through trials of life.
He will bring you joy during sorrow, for the truth
will set you free and you will see beauty in all things around you.
Life will bloom as never before!
Then you will be the one sending these words
to others...
others whom you love so much!!
Shannon Hayes Guzman
Jesus Is At The Door Knocking,Will you let Him in today?
To make a change and have peace,He's the Only Way!


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